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    The SAT, a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States, has undergone various name and scoring changes since its inception in 1926. It was first called the Scholastic Aptitude Test, then the Scholastic Assessment Test, then the SAT Reasoning Test, and now simply the SAT. The College Board, a non-profit private organization in the US, owns and governs the test, which is developed and administered by the Educational Testing Service on behalf of the College Board. The SAT is designed to assess a student's readiness for college and is divided into two types: the general SAT, which measures a student's knowledge of various subjects studied in school, and the SAT Subject Test, which assesses a student's proficiency in a specific area of study, such as Humanities, Biology, Physics, English Literature, or Mathematics. The revised version of the SAT, set to be implemented in 2016, lasts for three hours and fifty minutes, and scores range from 400 to 1600, based on the results of two sections, Critical Reading and Mathematics, each with a possible 800 points.
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    Test Fee
    SAT $ 106

    Service More Information Fee
    Registration score reports Four registration score reports are available up to nine days after the test date. $0
    Additional score report request Additional score reports (outside of the above four), or score reports ordered outside of the above time period, are subject to this fee per report. $11.25
    Rush order Rush reporting sends your score reports by first-class mail or electronically, depending on how each institution receives scores, normally within two business days after your score reporting order has been completed. Colleges may take additional time to retrieve or process your scores once they are received. The standard fee for additional score report requests applies to each score report you wish to include with your order. $31 Additional reports are $11.25
    Scores by phone Scores by phone are released according to the same schedule as online scores. This service does not send scores to colleges any earlier.To get your score by phone, call Customer Service. You will need your test registration number (printed on your Admission Ticket), your birth date, a credit card number and the card’s expiration date. $15(per call)
    Archived (older) scores order If you want to retrieve old test scores, you should request archived scores. You can request them by phone or mail. The standard fee for additional score report requests applies to each score report you wish to include with your order. $31
    SAT Question-and-Answer Service* This service provides the test questions from the specified test you took, the correct answers, scoring instructions and a form you can use to order a copy of your answer sheet. $18
    SAT Student Answer Service* This service provides a list of question types from the specified test you took; whether you answered the question correctly or incorrectly, or omitted the answer; and the level of difficulty. $13.50
    Multiple-choice score verification Hand score verification is the most rigorous level of score verification. As such, it overrides other forms of score verification. If you order hand score verification, you will no longer see the full My SAT Online Score Report and you will not have access to the Student Answer Service or Question-and-Answer Service for your hand scored answer sheet.When hand scoring of a multiple-choice score is requested, your entire answer sheet will be manually reviewed – you cannot request verification of scores for a single section on the SAT or just one of several SAT Subject Tests taken on the same date. $55
    Essay score verification This verification determines whether there was an error made in the scanning or processing of the essay scores assigned by essay readers. If an error is found, your adjusted score is automatically reported and your fee is refunded. $55
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